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SwayLoyalty – We Help You Crack the Blockchain Loyalty and Enhance Influencer Marketing

We Invigorate Loyalty Programs with Blockchain Technology.

Customer loyalty & experience can determine companies’ success or failure. Reward programs are initiated as a strategic investment to build loyalty and engagement across all types of organizations. However, most loyalty programs fall short in providing efficient and comprehensive user-engagement. In addition, one of the main reasons for member’s lack of activity is the scantiness of uniform management system.

Adopting Blockchain Will Provide Personalised Offerings and Digitally Enabled Redemption Services

SwayLoyalty continuously explores new possibilities with blockchain, and thus have come up with solutions that employ this powerful technology to help organizations realize the full value of customer loyalty programs. SwayLoyalty is one of the advanced and largest Blockchain Customer Loyalty Platforms that help corporates and businesses acquire lasting customer loyalty, from both new and existing customers, through Sponsorships of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and Influencers marketing from niche industries.

Any organization, whether from the banking industry or health industry, that offer loyalty programs, can take advantage of blockchain loyalty solution, which boots performances and reduces costs, while continuously enhancing brand loyalty.

SwayLoyalty Leads the Way - Blockchain is the Game Changer in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the lucrative and trending ways for brands to reach out to their niche audience and deliver their brand value effectively. As a powerfully distributed ledger-technology, blockchain positively transforms the way businesses promote and develops a brand image.

Influencer marketing via blockchain allows distribution of digital information over a network without it being copied. It distributes huge ledger of data across all computers on the network, while simultaneously updating changes, if any, at all places.

Blockchain makes changes transparent and all records publicly accessible and easily verifiable. SwayLoyalty, with the help of blockchain technology, creates new opportunities for content creators so that they are able to monetize their creative content faster and reach the target audience in half time.

Our blockchain powered influencer marketing solutions have made it possible for influencers and marketers to overcome some of the recurring, disturbing influencer marketing obstacles, including supply and demand matching, complex settlements, review-less new content, frauds, no influencer’s work catalog and more.

Key Benefits for Collaborating with Us

Loyal customers are one of the key drivers for profitability and enhanced brand image. Our tailor-made blockchain based customer loyalty programs, with built-in support for mobile wallets, allows companies to amplify the customer experience to the next level.

User Permissioned Ledger: We offer flexible and personalized experience by using permissioned ledger that lets businesses to invite other businesses and partners to join the loyalty network at free will.

Smart Contracts: Our Smart Contracts with Influencers pave way for many opportunities for business collaborations.

Reduces Costs: Organizations are able to identify trade-off cost savings at three major business levels, including customer acquisition, transaction, and system management. Our smart contracts reduce system management costs by ensuring secured, completely tracked, and transparent transaction reporting to legacy systems, thus dropping overall costs related to errors and fraudulent activities.

Blockchain Loyalty Enables Frictionless System: Blockchain centralizes customer’s loyalty program effectively. For instance, now a customer can receive reward credits from an airline in the same digital wallet from which he redeems them for a resort stay. The function of managing and accessing blockchain loyalty rewards is absolutely frictionless. We can customize this solution and determine how and with whom customers can use these rewards.

Offers Real-Time Process: With the help of blockchain technology, a transaction can be accessed and recorded by multiple parties in real-time. The process increases the chance to cut through coordination inactivity to credit points faster for organizations providing loyalty reward programs.

Provides a Secure Environment: Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that your transactions are properly encrypted and that you are working in a secured environment. Blockchain makes each transaction and its records easily traceable by developing an indisputable and time-stamped distributed data entry for each transaction made. Blockchain also prevents manipulation of transactions, by restricting frauds, abuses, and double spending.

Provides Unparalleled Business Opportunities: The stronger the loyalty-programs are the longer are the relationship between the loyalty program provider and end customers. We build interlinked loyalty network, powered by well-developed programs, which offers rewards program providers unique opportunities to bid value-added services to businesses and clients.

Blockchain is that kind of disruptive innovation that makes the cumbersome process of exchanging points among program partners easier.

The blockchain model for the customer loyalty program boosts the value of points earned by program members (customers) during purchase. The blockchain creates a trusted and frictionless transaction. The blockchain based customer loyalty program removes the system’s restrain on the relationship between partners. The points earned are in a centric position that connects all participants within the loyalty network.

Introducing Smart Contracts – A Solution beyond Loyalty

Smart Contracts, at the core of blockchain technology, address the basics of Contract Lifecycle Management, thus automating the contract lifecycle between partners to improve engagement, trust, efficiency, and mitigate any unwarranted risk across the organization. Smart Contracts via Blockchain drastically reduce the cost of transactions and offer a protected business environment.

Smart contract changes the dynamics of a loyalty program, which has remained the same for decades. While the traditional loyalty program transitioned from punch cards to digital cards, smart card via blockchain technology completely bowls over with a computer code on top of a blockchain, having a set of rules. These rules allow the parties from the smart contract, irrespective of coming from different sectors, to agree to interact with each other. The agreement is automatically enforced when and if the rules are met.

Smart contract code is the most basic form of decentralized automation where it facilitates, verifies, and enforces the performance of the agreement or transaction.

Key Benefits of Smart Contracts

The blockchain model for the customer loyalty program boosts the value of points earned by program members (customers) during purchase. The blockchain creates a trusted and frictionless transaction. The blockchain based customer loyalty program removes the system’s restrain on the relationship between partners. The points earned are in a centric position that connects all participants within the loyalty network.

  • Can make lengthy and complex legal processes simple and effective
  • Can turn a variety of legal obligations into automated processes
  • Provides a heightened level of server security
  • Protect online transactions against malware, cyber-crimes, and cyber-theft
  • Come with unparalleled future possibilities
  • They are self-verifying, self-executing and tamper resistant
  • Reduce indirect communication with trusted intermediaries
  • Lower transactional costs
  • Reduce operational and sales costs
  • Eliminate intermediary costs

Blockchain Loyalty Platform

SwayLoyalty is the world's most advanced blockchain customer loyalty platform with built-in support for mobile wallets. It allows massive flexibility to tailor the loyalty for any kind of business. It uses permissioned ledger which means that businesses can invite other businesses or partners to join the loyalty network at will

The smart contracts technology opens up vast opportunities to collaborate with others way above and beyond the possibilities that can be conceived today. SwayLoyalty unleases the power of blockchain for any size business. Currently the platform supports Influencer Marketing smart contracts but more standard and customizeable Smart Contracts will be added in the near future.

Beyond Loyalty

The loyalty platforms have not changed much for decades. They simply transitioned from punch cards, to magnetic cards to digital cards. The introduction of Smart Contract via Blockchain technology alters the fundamental landscape of customer loyalty with the possibility of transparent and trust based collaboration among various participants. Here is a lits of few of the considerations.

  • Fair and seamless Influencer Marketing
  • Easy extension of Custom Contracts by participants
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence to maximize value
  • Huge redudction in operational and sales costs
  • Elimination of intermediary costs
  • A framework for endless future possibilities

Blockchain Loyalty Platform Features

Cost Effective

Blockchain allows to run low cost influencer marketing and loyalty programs to acquire and retain customers

Cross Collaboration

Blockchain makes it a breeze to cross collaborate with other organizations to run loyalty and marketing programs

Mobile Wallets

Supports mobile wallets so that the users do not have to worry about carrying multiple loyalt/rewards cards

Trust & Audit

Blockchain offers a trusted network with cryptographically secure audit trail of the loyalty point awards and redemptions

POS Integration

Conduct transactions using any mobile device or integrate the ledger into your Point-of-Sale (POS)

Machine Learning & AI

Uses the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to maximize the value for the influencers and the businesses

Precise ROI

Business defines the ROI goals through Smart Contracts thus taking the uncertainity out of the marketing campaign

Total Transparency

Blockchain uses consensus for transactions among the loyalty network participants to ensure total transparency

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